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Aug 2

A Trip to the Library Reveals a Stunning Development

We just hosted some family in our home.  Since our guests and us both have children in school, the conversation over cake and coffee turned to their education.

Laurie told us how she took her children (2 girls aged 12 and 9) to a library near their home in Florida.  The library has a collection of rare, original books and documents.  The librarian was showing the girls some books and documents from WWII.  She was shocked when her questions about WWII went unanswered.

The librarian turned to Laurie and asked “What are these girls learning in history?”  Laurie was rightfully upset.

Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence in schools all across America.  History is being replaced by social justice nonsense.  

Why aren’t the children learning about the true foundations of the United States?  How come they do not know the truth about the American Revolution, the American Civil War, WWI and WWII?

Children cannot defend what they do not know.  So, if they do not understand what true liberty and freedom is and where it is derived from, it is that much easier to steer them to despotism.

Take the time to review the material your children are given in school.  If there is something there you do not like, tell the teacher.  Get other parents involved.  If there is something you feel that is missing which should be there do the same thing.

The battle between liberty and tyranny is being waged in popular culture, the political arena and the classroom.  

The classroom cannot be surrendered to the proponents of socialism.  The fight must begin there so progress can be seen there as well as in the other two arenas.

Jul 9

Providence and America

My response to a post on Facebook regarding God’s Hand in guiding America:

This nation (America) is the most benevolent nation in the history of the world towards its own citizens and those of other countries.  Their is no doubt God has guided the steps of this nation from the Pilgrims until now. However, it is us who have run from the protection of His shadow to forge our own path. It is a path that has gone against everything He has set forth. We have become a nation more concerned about dollars than prayer. This was not a result of capitalism but a product of atheism and a replacing of Judeo-Christian principles with the religion of secularism. Our Founding Fathers laid out a blueprint for a government that would guarantee basic freedoms and rights. Those basic ideals have been eroded through ignorance and Godlessness. Want to see a country capable of blowing past everything it has accomplished before to new and greater heights? Get to know the truth about the foundations of America and return to those values rather than instituting policies born of government. Those government policies have failed over and over again throughout history. One need only look to the former Soviet Union and National Socialist Germany to see the colossal failures of social democracy. Our success is laid out before us in words and our history prior to the 20th Century. We need only to see it with our own eyes instead of through the prism of those that wish for our failure and the failure of freedom and liberty.