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Nov 8

What of Sandy?

I believe in Divine Providence.  For those that do not know what Divine Providence is, it is the protection that faithful believers receive from God in times of tumult or terror.

Those that fought for the independence of America in the eighteenth century enjoyed it on countless times.  From the escape of the Continental Army across the East River from Brooklyn to Manhattan to the survival at Valley Forge, God guided those patriots to victory and the establishment of our great country.

I believed God’s providential work would be displayed once again during this latest presidential election as responsible, God-loving Americans pulled this country from the cauldron of secular democratic-socialism.  Alas, America seems to be sinking into that putrid mess that has for so long maimed souls and killed people.

It seems that this slide might be irreversible with no sign of how to get out.

Or not.

Sandy struck extremely late in the hurricane season.  In fact, it hit days before the official season was to end.

Warnings about how bad this storm would be were broadcast for days before landfall.  After the New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area dodged a bullet with Irene the year before, it seems many might have believed this too would not be severe.

They were wrong.

New Yorkers, especially in Manhattan, are used to services on demand.  Need to get from point A to point B?  Hop on a bus, grab a cab or get on the subway.  The government controls most services and provides for the people.  As a result, self-sufficiency is not a strong suit of the city dwellers.

The president arrived in New Jersey days after the storm and proclaimed FEMA will provide and the federal government will grant whatever resources are needed.

For days, we’ve seen the images of destruction in New Jersey, the 5 boroughs of New York City and Long Island.  We’ve heard the heart-wrenching stories of death and loss.  People begging for FEMA assistance on the streets.

Two weeks later and people are still without power, heat, clothes and direction.  Residents in public housing are living in squalor after the storm.  Looting is occurring throughout the area.

We did not hear these stories after the murderous and destructive tornadoes that hit the Gulf Coast.  The people there are not raised to rely on government.  They pulled themselves up and provided for each other.  Donations rolled in almost immediately (and did after Sandy).  I did not see people on TV there begging for FEMA.

Barrack Obama believes in large government providing all for all the people.  Time and time again, throughout history, we’ve seen societies built on central government planning and provisions crumble.

I believe not only in Divine Providence but in God’s will.  God is in control.  The election result was his will.  The democratic socialist won.

Perhaps a large storm hitting a major population area before an election of a democratic-socialist in America was pre-emptive divine will.  To show self-sufficient people that have yet to prepare that it is time to dig in.  Those still suffering after Sandy are slaves of the government.  They’re waiting for whatever the government will give them whenever the government gets around to it.

Freedom is not free.  Now it is time for all to fight for it.  Return to God.  Return to principles of individual liberty and self-sufficiency.  Become strong so you can be strong for others.

Aug 2

A Trip to the Library Reveals a Stunning Development

We just hosted some family in our home.  Since our guests and us both have children in school, the conversation over cake and coffee turned to their education.

Laurie told us how she took her children (2 girls aged 12 and 9) to a library near their home in Florida.  The library has a collection of rare, original books and documents.  The librarian was showing the girls some books and documents from WWII.  She was shocked when her questions about WWII went unanswered.

The librarian turned to Laurie and asked “What are these girls learning in history?”  Laurie was rightfully upset.

Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence in schools all across America.  History is being replaced by social justice nonsense.  

Why aren’t the children learning about the true foundations of the United States?  How come they do not know the truth about the American Revolution, the American Civil War, WWI and WWII?

Children cannot defend what they do not know.  So, if they do not understand what true liberty and freedom is and where it is derived from, it is that much easier to steer them to despotism.

Take the time to review the material your children are given in school.  If there is something there you do not like, tell the teacher.  Get other parents involved.  If there is something you feel that is missing which should be there do the same thing.

The battle between liberty and tyranny is being waged in popular culture, the political arena and the classroom.  

The classroom cannot be surrendered to the proponents of socialism.  The fight must begin there so progress can be seen there as well as in the other two arenas.